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‘Authority’ Must Be EXTENDED

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Posted: Jan 24, 2018 | Last Updated: Thursday, February 22, 2018

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If the above title caught your attention, you should also see A Statute is nothing more than “A Legislated Rule of a Society” and Canada, the true judicial structure!

‘Authority’ Must Be EXTENDED
    1. As agreed, those who consider they are “the Authority”, “in Authority”, or work for “the Authorities”, tend to have forgotten authority by its nature, and definition, must be EXTENDED/granted by me in order for it to have any effect. They also forget about common law and inalienable rights.
    2. As agreed, authority is GIVEN. It cannot be just ‘taken’ or ‘assumed’ because that is not what it is. ‘Authority’ taken via threats, intimidations or the barrel of a gun’ is a CRIME of TRESPASS against the SOVEREIGNTY of an individual.
    3. As agreed, a woman or a man operates by free will. In order to operate in accordance with ‘directives’ from some ‘authority’ (i.e. ‘someone else’), then the Human’s free will MUST be accepting the will of that someone else. This can only occur if the Human decides to consent to the will of someone else.
    4. As agreed, a woman or a man accepts and abides by the will of someone else is the same as saying that the Human EXTENDS AUTHORITY to that someone else.
    5. As agreed, a woman or a man is a Human with free will. Then that Human does not need to extend authority to anyone else ever.
    6. As agreed, when someone, assumes ‘authority’ they have to have created some kind of Order, when they have no authority over you, unless you extend authority to them. ‘The servicing of such Orders’ is chargeable at ten thousand dollars 10,000$ for every order payable, ignoring for the moment the associated damages, by the applicable treasury in the jurisdiction just by sending the minister responsible a bill that must be paid!
    7. As agreed, if you do not like my fees, you can simply use someone else’s services. By using mine, you have accepted the fees for my service!
    8. As agreed, enumerated classes of subjects are continually arbitrating without my consent, applying statutory obligations on me. I have not agreed or promised to be bound by what any government or any enumerated classes of subjects created because of section 91 or 92 of the British North America Act 1867 who are trespassing on my property have dreamt up and will no longer be doing so for free!
    9. As agreed, no enumerated classes of subject is working for free and most are very well paid for everything they do.
    10. As agreed, your enumerated classes of subjects are expecting to encounter only other enumerated classes of subjects.
    11. As agreed, your enumerated classes of subjects are expecting to encounter only other legal fiction ‘person’ i.e. a small corporation, then you should expect a bill from that corporation for servicing any orders they issue.
    12. As agreed, I get to set the fee and damages if required for everything I do relating to your trespass on my property. Anything else is either: blackmail, extortion, racketeering, or just plain ole theft … or whatever you want to call it by your enumerated classes of subjects.
    13. As agreed, there is a cease and desist decree absolute preventing you applying civil laws to common law people by any government created in section 91 or 92 of the British North America Act 1867, because it is a trespass on property. Stay out of my private affairs regardless of which one of my inalienable human rights and fundamental freedoms I choose to exercise or whether that right has been ratified by any government created in section 91 or 92 of the British North America Act 1867, or not. Trespasses cause damages at the previously agreed to rates.
    14. As agreed, I am not require to have or carry any civil law identification made by any government created in section 91 or 92 of the British North America Act 1867 that has been prescribed.
    15. As agreed, documents must meet the standard "AS ANY REASONABLE PERSON WOULD UNDERSTAND" and that is all!  Therefore, nothing from any government, or its enumerated classes of subjects/public service that does not meet that standard, no reasonable person would consent too voluntarily! No civil law legalese or enumerated classes of subjects are available in common law!
    16. As agreed, there are generally two ways to ask a Court to make a decision in a dispute. The one used in this matter restricted the evidence to affidavits only. http://www.duhaime.org/LegalDictionary/P/Petition.aspx.

See latest “Recent Revisions” above

Any government agent or representative who has any problems with any of the points listed, bring them forward under your full commercial liability and complete contact information and we can discuss the issue here and if needed in a common law court.

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