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adhesion contract

Adhesion Contract
Last revised October 2, 2019

Read the All Caps Name page for important information!

As agreed, an offer of a adhesion contract/unrebutted affidavit has to be responded to immedialtely.. They become binding after 72 hours (3 days); after seven (7) days there is a default and after ten (10) days there is a default and dishonour summary judgement. Thursday, July 13, 2017

Adhesion offers to Contract, are all the rage with our civil law governments. Everything you receive from the civil law government is an Adhesion offer to Contract and their brain washing of us in their public fool [school] guarantees them our silent acquiescence’s to the contract offer. Until now that is!

You, as woman or man standing in your full inherent capacity must protect that position or you will unknowingly surrender that standing for rights and privileges under government authority!
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