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BC and its adequate standard of living [welfare]

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BC and its adequate standard of living [welfare]   Added 2016-09-21 Last revised 2016-09-29

[ a must read - Questions to ask the Minister of Social Services ]

Where exactly is this human rights requirement?

It is not the programs offered under Ministry of Social Development & Social Innovation

B.C. is the only province or territory in Canada that has not taken concrete steps toward a poverty-reduction strategy. The provincial emergency-shelter program is a human rights violation because everyone has

The right to an adequate standard of living requires, at a minimum, that everyone shall enjoy the necessary subsistence rights: adequate food and nutrition, clothing, housing and the necessary conditions of care when required. The essential point is that everyone shall be able, without shame and without unreasonable obstacles, to be a full participant in ordinary, everyday interaction with other people. Thus, people should be able to enjoy their basic needs in conditions of dignity. No one should have to live in conditions whereby the only way to satisfy their needs is by degrading themselves or depriving themselves of their basic freedoms, such as through begging, prostitution or forced labour. http://www.humanrights.is/en/human-rights-education-project/human-rights-concepts-ideas-and-fora/substantive-human-rights/the-right-to-an-adequate-standard-of-living

Rule 1: You should not spend more than 32% of your gross income on costs associated with housing. These costs include mortgage payments, heating costs, property taxes, and, if relevant, half of your condominium fees and the whole of your lease costs. From <http://www.livingin-canada.com/mortgages-in-canada.html>

Average House Prices July 2016 Province - British Columbia - $663,000 From <http://www.livingin-canada.com/house-prices-canada.html>

Monthly Gross required is north of 9000$ - Net Pay to cover just the mortgage (assumes a 35% tax rate) $5,958 - Monthly Mortgage Payment $2,958 taken from <https://tools.td.com/mortgage-affordability-calculator/>

Average rent without utilities for a one bedroom – 800$ – 1200$. Taking the average we have 1000$ representing 32% of income. Add in the utilities etc. and we need a minimum wage of over 20$ an hour.

BC is reported to have the strongest provincial economy in the country and it is because of human rights violations!

B.C. minimum wage to hit $11.25 by 2017 taken from http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/b-c-minimum-wage-to-hit-11-25-by-2017-1.3566715 is less than half of what it needs to be for a single person to have a one bedroom apartment. Forget about buying a house!

Frozen: BC Welfare Rates Haven't Risen in Eight Years taken from http://thetyee.ca/News/2015/03/04/BC-Welfare-Rates-Freeze/ 'I'm hungry most of the time,' says disability recipient.

regular welfare is $610 a month and has changed in 9 years.

Disability assistance got a maximum increase of $77 a month starting Sept. 1. The rate for an individual has been frozen at $906 a month since 2007. The increase will be partially cancelled out for about 55,000 people as the government stops paying for $55 a month transit passes and $66 a month transportation subsidies.

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