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BC Free Medical Services Plan

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Remembering that if you don’t know what your rights are personally, the government has no reason to protect them and doesn’t!

BC Free Medical Services Plan

May 04, 2016 10:10 AM ET - Groups take legal action to get Ottawa to enforce Canada Health Act in Quebec
Various health groups have joined forces to launch legal action against the federal government to ensure it applies the Canada Health Act in Quebec and across the country.
The goal is to obtain a court order that would force the federal health minister to "fulfil a statutory duty" to prevent overbilling through extra fees.
"With the legal proceeding, the federal government can no longer ignore the thousands of Canadians who are being robbed of their rightful access to free and quality health-care services," Danis Prud'homme, director general of a group that represents Quebecers 50 and over, told a news conference Tuesday.

  • Where does your corporate fiction get the authority not to honour the rights of the society of free men and free institutions that exists in British Columbia that are outside your authority to equality?
  • In violation of human rights how is it that people are required to consent to being a class of subject in this province to qualify for health care when it is quite obvious that legal fiction have no need of or human right to health care?
  • In violation of human rights how is it that some people are required to pay for medical service and other not is a country that has free institution? A place where your juristic unit cannot delay or deny rights?
  • In violation of human rights some people in British Columbia receive free medical services including prescription drugs, vision care, dental care etc.. All part of the adequate standard living everyone should be receiving.
  • The right to an adequate standard of living requires, at a minimum, that everyone shall enjoy the necessary subsistence rights: adequate food and nutrition, clothing, housing and the necessary conditions of care when required. The essential point is that everyone shall be able, without shame and without unreasonable obstacles, to be a full participant in ordinary, everyday interaction with other people. Thus, people should be able to enjoy their basic needs in conditions of dignity. No one should have to live in conditions whereby the only way to satisfy their needs is by depriving themselves of other basic needs which is the norm in British Columbia!
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