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covid 19 is a fraud!
Public Notice Submission PN / 20 / 281904;;;;;;;;;;
Monday, November 16, 2020
Service on one is service on all Comrades!

20201116 Public Notice under the rule of law covid 19 is a fraud!
FOIA Document: COVID-19 does not officially exist
1.   As agreed, there is no legal definition for covid 19.
2.  As agreed, covid 19 is your psychological biological warfare fraud being used on Canadians to cover the overthrow of your own governments!
3.  As agreed, covid 19 doesn’t cause an illness with any of the characteristics of the deaths attributed to covid 19!
4.  As agreed, covid 19 has never been isolated, reproduced and shown to be covid 19!
5.  As agreed, all the above is fraud, based on the rule of law violations with all those enforcing or supporting the fraud guilty of fraud and assault.
6.  As agreed, the covid 19 lockdowns are nothing more than a cover for an unconstitutional political agenda, that you murderers are allowing to happen.
7.  As agreed, you are all guilty of high treason for taking part in the sell out of Canada to the one world order without the consent of the Canadian people.
8.  On what authority did Trudeau sell “present and future” Canadians into slavery? So far it appears to be only yours, not the people! - Justin Trudeau Goes All In for the New World Order Great Reset seconds
9.  As agreed, are you really prepared to forfeit everything you own if you win or lose and spend the rest of your life in jail because that is what is coming!
10.       As agreed, you all are betting your futures on election fraud that allows Biden to win, a bet that appears to not be paying off!
11.        As agreed, the same election fraud likely put Trudeau back in office when the opposition should have won! While the BC election was in violation of the rule of law and unconstitutional.

Under a judgement in commerce you did not repel any of the above as being wrong so you yourselves have occasioned the “high treason judgement under common law” created against you!

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