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Exchange of consents

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Exchange of consents

Civil Code of Québec 1386

1386. The exchange of consents is accomplished by the express or tacit manifestation of the will of a person to accept an offer to contract made to him by another person

Exchange of consents

The same “Exchange of consents” - Civil Code of Québec 1386 is used daily by all civil governments in bijural Canada only without the full disclosure!

Consent is often given by the individual due to ignorance of the fact that their consent can be withheld and their assumption of the existence of the authority of others over them. If the people found out that they can reject oppressive statutes... by withholding their consent - the ruling class would panic – because they would lose control.

Here is your violation ticket! We accept the offer to contract.
Here is your tax bill! We accept the offer to contract.
Here is a summons to court for whatever reason. We accept the offer to contract.

Note: Not all court action fall away like this crap. You can and will and should be held personally liable for your actions if there is an actual human being as a victim making a personal injury claim.

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