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Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule [http://www.canadiangovernmentconspiracies.com/fee-schedule ]
Last revised – May 11, 2016

If you don’t like my fees stay out of my private affairs. Honour your oaths and duties to the constitutional “rights” guarantees.

That changing a right into a privilege with regulations attached like most if not all your legislation does, is illegal and unlawful – Murdock v. Penn., 319 US 105 – “No state shall convert a liberty into a privilege, license it, and attach a fee to it.” Except when applied internally to the government itself.
1. The Magna Charta applies:
• #40 of the Magna Charta says you cannot sell, deny, and delay right or justice.
• #45 says you will not make justices, constables, sheriffs or bailiffs save of such as know the law of the kingdom and mean to observe it well:

2. Ten thousand dollars (10,000.00$) for each “rights” violation to each actor/fictional entity who does not know the “law of the land”;

3. One million dollars (1,000,000.00$) to each level of government for each trespass by any representative;

4. Any legal fiction still trespassing unlawfully without proof of authority after 5 minutes another one million dollars (1,000,000.00$) each and to each level of government involved and fifty thousand dollars (50,000.00$) to the Minister in Charge and the Minister of Justice of BC and or Canada;

5. BC Court Services fees – the immediate execution of any submitted court papers by whatever means, or compensation of one-dollar (1$) for every second (moment in Time) starting 72 hours later;

6. That fraudulent interference with my “rights” includes fraud by silence triggers the above fees. Morrison v. Coddington, 662 P. 2d. 155, 135 Ariz. 480(1983). Fraud and deceit may arise from silence where there is a duty to speak the truth, as well as from speaking an untruth. That all of your governmental organization agents has such a duty;

7. That the daily rate of twenty five thousand dollars (25,000.00$) applies for any part of a day where i deal with written fraud, failure to perform fiduciary duties or infringement on my constitutional “rights” as well as freedoms by any and all government organisation agents, charged against the government;

8. Unlawful detained half a million dollars (500,000.00$) per or any part of a day, charged against the government;

9. Physical contact - five million dollars (5,000,000.00$) per person, charged against the government;

10. physical harm - one hundred million dollars (100,000,000.00$) per person, charged against the government;

11. Responsible for end of life - five hundred million dollars (500,000,000.00$) to estate, charged against the government;

12. Returning mail improperly addressed one hundred dollars (100$), charged against the government.

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