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Hire a lawyer

Hire a lawyer has been drilled into our heads from the get go as kids.

Even now the first thing we are told when dealing with legal issues is hire a lawyer.
Yet civil law enactments in a common law jurisdiction like the Dominion of Canada that violate the inalienable rights of the common law people protected by the Constitution Act 1867 are null and void with respect to the common law people living in the Dominion of Canada.

Civil law "case law" is unconstitutional when applied to the people of the Dominion of Canada, seeing that case law is a result of the judicial branch of their civil governments.

Private individuals hiring "lawyers" is a major part of the conspiracy!

There is only one law which applies to us: the law which protects the life, liberty, rights, and property of all living souls.

Besides the lawyers being behind the legislation etcetera generating work for themselves, the use of a lawyer or a notary who are "classes of subjects" grants courts' jurisdiction over other "classes of subjects" which in courts with inherent jurisdiction was not already there!

If you do not want to be considered, in the eyes of the court as being incompetent don't hire a lawyer!

Do not represent yourself in court as a pro se litigant! As a private individual you present yourself to the court not represent yourself!

"Sui juris. Of his own right; possessing full social and civil rights: not under any legal disability, or the power of another, or guardianship. Having capacity to manage one's own affairs; not under legal disability to act for one 's self: " [Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, p. 1434]

If you are not okay with also being a "classes of subjects" don't hire a lawyer!

A lawyer can only take another "classes of subjects" into a statutory court and if you make it clear you are not one the lawyer has a very serious problem! Seeing they are personally trespassing into “a private individual’s” affairs without consent, the lawyer is third party interloper who can be sued for at least two rights violations.

When you are considering hiring a lawyer the first question you should ask is to whom is it the lawyer has the first duty to protect? If he or she says to the client of course, they have committed fraud!

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