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Personal Property Registry/FINANCING STATEMENT
Last revised – Thursday, May 19, 2017

According to the Province of British Columbia only legal fictions/corporate entities can own property in British Columbia, kind of an oxymoron when you think about it! Or at least it’s only those legal fictions and corporate entities that can register property in British Columbia, another oxymoron!

So if a common law individual in a bijural province like the Province of British Columbia/British Columbia wants to have a public record of his or her personal property the onus is on them to make it so. This is that public record!

The following FINANCING STATEMENT list contains property held by a private individual’s under the “law of the land”/allodial title:
Hyundai pony 1986 – ID number – fee simple absolute – no liens – owner has full details
Mobile home 1996 – ID number – fee simple absolute – no liens – owner has full details
The strawman  cannot pay our debts at law; we can only discharge our debts in equity.
A SECURED PARTY under a private contract with the Straw man has claimed the Straw man Debtor. Then the STRAW MAN DEBTOR signs over to the SECURED PARTY, for which the webmaster, a private individual/living soul is the agent, everything it owns via a private contract called Security Agreement #4. Security Agreement #4 gives the private individual/living soul/agent for the SECURED PARTY, a superior claim over the STRAW MAN DEBTOR thereby removing the webmaster as Surety for the Straw man. The secured party, the creditor to its debtor, has first lien against Straw man and the feds have zero control over Straw man and hence no jurisdiction over you.
When the Straw man is charged, the agent can simply discharge the charge with our tax exemption. This is commerce - not law. None of the charade. We simply accept the charge for value and return it for discharge, settlement, and closure.

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